Pre-Order Our New Record “Now That We’re Gone” On Vinyl

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Winter is coming.

jeeeooonnn snnneeooowww

Hello everyone. Jimmie here. I hope you guys are staying warm and enjoying your holiday week. We’re down in Nashville, soaking up the Zun, which is what I call the beam of sunlight that pours through the front door each morning.  It’s nice. All hail Zun.

I’m here to tell you some band related NEWS:

1.) Our record is done.  It’s called “Now That We’re Gone” and it was produced by Brian Deck. I might have already told you this.  It comes out in March.

2.) You can get it early through our pre-order here.  It’s a vinyl pre-order, but it comes with a digital download and you’ll get the vinyl before the release date. It makes a great Christmas present, or any other holiday where you give presents. Like the 4th of July.

3.) We’re touring a lot next year.  Right now we’re holed up making music videos, working on our live show and writing new material. Keep an eye on this page in the coming months for tour dates and updates.

records... how do they work?

That’s it guys! Go check out the vinyl pre-order (live now), and we’ll see you soon.

We Love and Miss each and Every One of You.



Jimmie and Daniel and Michaela